Page Editing Instructions for WordPress Administrators and Editors

  • Go to the WordPress Login page at:

[You can copy/paste this address to the address line on your browser.]

Enter Username and Password. Click on ‘Log In’

  • You will find yourself on the ‘Dashboard’ page. On the left column hover the cursor over the pages icon, which looks like two superimposed, but offset pages. [Alternatively, the word ‘Pages’ may show up in the left column.]  Click on ‘All Pages’.
  • Scroll down to the page you want to edit. Hover the cursor over or near the page name until the ‘Edit/Quick Edit/Trash/View’ line appears. Click on ‘Edit’.
  • Make changes to the page as you would in any word processor like Word. When done, click on the blue ‘Update’ button on the right.
  • To see how the updated page looks on the web site, hover the cursor over the word ‘PeaDouXy’ at the top left side of the Dashboard. In the dropdown box click on the words ‘Visit Site’.
  • If you want to make more changes to that page or any other page, hover the cursor over the word ‘PeaDouXy’ at the top left side. In the dropdown box, click on the word ‘Dashboard’ to get back to the Dashboard, and repeat the above process.
  • When done making changes, to log out hover the cursor over your name at the top right side of the dashboard and click on ‘Log Out’ in the dropdown box.