One function of  the Crib House was as a library. There was a diverse collection of books there, but a few of them, mostly on Quakerism, were salvaged by Lucy Dougall, Dody Xydis, Dick Peaslee and others in the days before the Crib House was sold.

Unfortunately some of those books disintegrated over the years, but the remaining ones are now in the possession of Jill Rain, Daphne Peaslee and Lisa Xydis. On their respective tabs under the ‘AJP’S BOOKS’ tab each individual has published reviews of the books in their possession.

Some of these books are quite old going back to the 1800s. All are in very fragile condition. If you would like to borrow one of the books for a short period of time you may send a letter to the person with the book requesting it, and including the approximate cost to send the book to you. You would pay the return postage.

These books should be handled with care.